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Sunday, March 13, 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different

I finished Barbara Jackson's Succulent Strawberry! Yeah! It turned out great and I am proud of myself. The finishing was easy and partly done on the sewing machine. The only problem was thread kept breaking on me. But who cares? It's done.
I am not yet up to Tea Time Basket so I picked up something that looks like fun. Just Nan's Christmas Workshop. It is going fairly fast. I have all four inside triangles stitched. I am missing one of the checked pieces of fabric for the bottom. I am not sure I can find a piece to buy but I am going to look around at some web stores. It is always tricky since what stores list online may not always be available. I speak from experience. I waited two years for a backordered fabric. Really. I am still waiting for fabric ordered last November. I don't even need it now.
As I look up the street I only see a tiny bit of snow left. Now if the grass would green up a bit, that would be great. I got a couple of new books. But I want to finish Cutting for Stone first. I also downloaded "The King's Speech". It is on special at itunes. I have no excuse for having the idiot box on all day and night. Unless of course there is ice skating on.

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