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Thursday, March 3, 2011


Time Marches on. There are 17 days until spring. There is hope for better weather and no more snow. I am ready to start the last section of Eddy. I have read the directions and they seem easy. Just rows of metal beads followed by light, medium and dark bead rows. When I started Eddy, I wasn't sure I would be able to do him. So it is great to see that yes, I did it. Thanks goodness for good directions. I am not a Bead person. So I am proud of myself.
I am so tempted to order stuff. Just Nan's new humbug comes out today. But I have so many things that need to be finished up, I just can't. Well, I have to admit that I did buy something on ebay but it was only 29 cents. And Needle in a Haystack is finally sending my order from last November. I will be good, I will be good.....
I hope to sew together the Poppy biscornu today. DH saw this bin of floss and was appalled and can't understand why I would ever need to order or buy any thread. But then he knows I have an obsession with cross stitch. This isn't even half the thread I have. I have a bin of specialty threads. I have organized containers of thread. I have piles of threads left over from projects. I have a cute little cabinet with skinny drawers - full of threads. I need a little elf to come in and organize everything. Me? I don't have time, I'm busy stitching.

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