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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


After aerobics class, I turned right instead of left and drove to Stitching Bits and Bobs. I don't go that often, maybe two times a year. I got there before it opened and sat in my car. They opened 20 minutes late. ARGH. There was another car with two ladies also waiting. Finally, it opened and I went in. I had a list of several things I wanted but didn't want to wait a month for an order so I just went there to get what they might happen to have from my list. One of the ladies from the other car said, "You look familiar". She looked familiar to me too. It was Sherri Jones of Patrick's Woods! I'm taking two classes with her in June in Georgia. What a coincidence! It was great to see and talk to her as well as indulge myself with a little stash. I was trying to hold out until Celebrations but just couldn't.
I worked on Tea Time basket and a little mousie yesterday. Fun. Not much gets done on Mondays. The sun is shining and I'm trying to decide what to work on. Such a dilema!

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