Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pink Hat Two

Well, I made another Pink Hat. I used different yarn and added a couple rows to the petals. I put them side by side to re-evaluate. I like the first hat better because it has more contrast. The darker pink yarn is a much better choice. I like the second hat's smaller stem and longer petals. The second hat is a bit stretchier. The hat was easier to make the second time around. In conclusion, I'd like to try one last time and use the original yarn but with the changes I made in the second hat.
We are getting lots of lake-effect snow. Pilates will have to survive without me today.
I worked on Vierlande Winders Keeper. I love the little crown motif. I can see the end of the tunnel now. It is hard to keep working on it because my pre-stitching for the June retreat came in the mail yesterday. I started one of the kits. It is worked on 35 count. That's the smallest count I've worked on. But it is going fine. Although I want to change it a bit. Do I dare? I wanted the little bird to be blue. So I made him blue. Now I don't like the personalization font. I want a different alphabet.
I washed Claire's birth announcement. I have lessened the fold marks and the blotchiness. I have to press it to see how much better it looks. None of the colors ran. They were rather muted colors anyway. I let it just dry on a towel. That heart button at the bottom doesn't look centered, I think I'll take it off and resew it a little to the left.


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  1. Well done Amy. Almost mass production of the hats but it must feel good to know you can achieve exactly what you want. I love blue birds too - your change looks wonderful.