Monday, February 20, 2012

Busy Monday

I have cleaned the bathrooms, made chili and curled my hair so far today. I am thinking of getting a Personal Pan Pizza for me and for Dylan. Yum.
I didn't get very much done yesterday. I worked on the Vierlande Winders Keeper. I finished the second page of charts and went on to the third. I started some small pieces that are backstitched around the edge and just have a small motif in the center and are octagon shaped. I saw on Days of a Sampler Lover blog that she has her Winders Keeper all stitched. Some people are really fast stitchers.
I'm looking forward to being able to start the little flower hat when my books come today. I know we don't get mail but UPS says it will deliver my package so I guess they don't have President's Day off. Son#2 says President's Day is mostly celebrated on the east and west coasts.
I love a new week full of possibilities.


  1. It is amazing just how fast some stitchers are. I sometimes wonder whether it is speed or that they spend all their time stitching? Have a good week. I look forward to hearing how you get with Dylan this week

  2. Both You and Margaret are very fast stitchers. I have not even started mine. I am doing the Friesland one. I had other things that I wanted to get done first. I will see what the weekend brings and maybe start it then.

    Look forward to seeing the winder keeper finished.