Thursday, February 16, 2012

In the Corner

I reached the corner of the Vierlande Winders Keeper. I am at the far edge of the second page of charts. It is nice to see that I have a fair amount stitched and it encourages me to go farther. I like that all the corners are different designs. I saw on a blog someone who is stitching on another Winders Keeper and it looks so different from mine as it has several colors instead of just one. It was fun to see how far they are along. I forget when the second part of this comes out. March, I think. It will be fun to get to the little pieces. They will go really fast.
I didn't work on Claire's birth announcement. Sometimes things have to rattle around in my brain for a while before I am ready to proceed especially if I am making it up as I go along. I think I want to do a little pink boat on either side of the 2012.
I saw the cutest little hat shaped like a flower in our LNS. It was knitted. I think I'll go back and look at it again as I would like to make it. Claire looks so sweet in a hat. The design comes out of a book and the book is probably more than I want to pay for just one design. But it is so cute....
Ordering online from a restaurant is still an iffy process. I have tried it from two different restaurants. Sometimes the order goes through and sometimes it doesn't. I ordered online last night. I don't think the order went through. I had to sit and wait and I got some stuff I didn't order as well as the wrong soup. But the food was good even though it was salty and way more fatty that we like. I got rack of lamb. I love lamb but rarely have it. They cooked it nicely too. I had half of it left over. Restaurants give you way more than you can eat.
The rain last night melted a lot of the snow. What a crazy warm winter we are having!

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