Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I forgot to show you the finished Shepherd's Bush pin cushion. I don't really like the scrunched up ribbon edge but it is done. It was a pain to sew on. But it does feel good to have something completely done.
I have been frogging the Vierlande Winders Keeper. Two of the motifs were one thread over from where they should be. Darn! It does make a difference as the pocket sets on top and needs to match the motifs. So all the mistakes are out and I am restitching them. ARGH.
I got some more done on Claire's birth announcement. I am leaving out a few rows that don't turn me on. Like the needle weaving. I love the row of fish so I think I'll do that next and then put the birth date on.
It feels like things are getting back to normal after a crazy January and our trip.
DH got me some lovely flowers for Valentine's Day.
I more or less decided on an Ipad 3 for my anniversary.


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  1. Hi Amy, in New Zealand we talk about reverse stitching! But whatever the name it is never much fun is it. Claire's birth announcement is looking great. And the flowers are beautiful.