Friday, February 17, 2012

I Must be Nuts

I went to the LNS yesterday to look at the book with the sweet baby flower hat. Yep, it was the one I saw on Barnes & Noble and since I have a gift card, I ordered it. While I was there I was looking for the yarn the sample was stitched with. I got it. I must be crazy. To make that little hat I paid 38 dollars for the yarn. I ordered the 18 dollar book. Then I stopped by Michael's and got the size 7 circular needles needed to stitch it - six dollars. I am a very basic knitter. But the book has pictures and directions on how to do all of the stitches. It really looks pretty simple. It is totally nutty to spend that much money on a baby hat though.
I finished Better a small fish than an empty dish. Yeah! Done!
Then I put in the boats on Claire's birth announcement and I like them. I'm working on the vine now.
I only got a small motif done on Vierlande Winders Keeper. Today I want to finish the upper right corner.
I am thinking of starting Linda's Ort Bag by Victoria Sampler.
I am almost needing to take a day off from stitching. I never thought I would say that. Maybe I'll spend a day finishing stuff off or reading.

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  1. Hi Amy, I, for one, don't think you are crazy to spend that money on a baby hat. Your first grand child is special and I'm sure the hat will be too. Good for you! Your stitching is all making great progress - I can't decide which I like more; the winders keeper or the birth announcement. Both are great.