Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pink Hat 3

Third time is a charm. Theoretically. I have only the petals left to knit for my third go-round with the Pink Hat. I think it is going to turn out like I want. Then what do I do with the other two? I have no idea. I want to get the hat sent off to Claire before she out grows it!
I went through a lot of alphabets looking for one that was only 7 stitches high and had lower case letters. I found one that was what I was looking for and graphed out my name and "her work". It stitched up nicely. So now there are only three more things I want to change. On the other side is "wrought on month/day/year (in Roman numerals)". I want to change that to "To thine own self be true". Then on the top and bottom of the design are names, the designers daughters, I think. I want to put something else in there but I'm still trying to figure out what. Maybe flowers.
The Vierlande Winders Keeper main piece is so close to being done. I have a big medallion and the border and corner and it is done. I love how it looks.
I am auditioning frames and mat colors for framing Claire's birth announcement. I like this maroon color. This frame is just okay. There isn't a lot to choose from in the catalog. This one won't detract from the main attraction - the stitching.
I love that the sun is shining today. I'm looking forward to watching the Oscars tonight.

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