Saturday, February 18, 2012

Inching Along

I finished the corner and another motif on Vierlande Winders Keeper. I discovered that on each side the border has a center that is one stitch longer so I had to reverse stitch a bit to fix it. I am about half done with the largest piece. Good progress.
I did a couple of small rows on Claire's birth announcement. I still deciding how much more to add. Maybe a large something at the bottom to give it weight and have it look done.
I tried to start Linda's Ort Bag by Victoria Sampler. The vine at the top is so badly designed and impossible to follow late at night. I am going to scan the design and fix it so that it is readable and so that each stitch goes over only two linen threads. With the flowers and the lazy daisy leaves charted on the vine, you can't see exactly where the vine is. But a little graphing will fix it. It doesn't need to be that hard.
I went to pilates this morning. I haven't been in forever. This is the first week this year that I have hit all my exercise classes. It feels good to get back to normal. I forgot that the rug rats are playing basketball on Saturday mornings at the Y. I think there will be a few more weeks of that craziness.
I should be getting three packages this coming week. I love mail. Books, kit, baskets and a chart. The best kind of mail.

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