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Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Accidental Trip Roundup

I flew back home from Arizona last Monday.  It was hard to leave BFF#2 at the airport.  She flew to a different state on a different airline in a different terminal.  So after we returned the rental car, we had to say goodbye.  I wish I could have helped her get situated on her plane, but I couldn't.  With one arm in a sling, it must have been hard.  She didn't even get home until 1 a.m.  She is a trooper, never complaining.  I would be devastated if I couldn't stitch.

There are a few things I forgot to tell you about the retreat.  One the second day of class we came in to find this bonus design at each of our places. 

 It is darling.  Each of us got an old silver spoon to make into a pin cushion.  Darling!  This is mine:

I really want to start this soon.  It won't take long to stitch.

When I was on the plane to Arizona, I worked on Just Nan's Groom Mouse.  I got it mostly done but I didn't have any stuffing for him until I got back home.  Now he is done.

Here are the Bride and Groom together:

The retreat was more fun this year since I knew a lot more of the attendees.  I have met many of the attendees at other retreats.  Some of them I remember from last year.  Note to self:  Take a group photo next year.

Delfi - you are a no-reply so I can not contact you. I bought summer and winter kits but not autumn.

Twinkling lights at night at the resort.
The view from our room's window.  Not that great a view but you can see a little of a mountain.

I'll show you my parasol tomorrow.


  1. The spoon pincushion is a cute idea.
    Mr. & Mrs. Mouse are so cute. :)
    Glad you had a great time.

  2. Thanks for responding! I rarely post so I don't even know what my settings are. :)