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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Accidental Trip Day Two

This was our day to play.  The plan is to go to Fractured Prune, pick up Julie at the airport and go to The Attic.  But first we go get breakfast at a nearby bagel place.  Hopefully, things will go better today.  BFF#2 is in pain but wants to go all the places with us.  Luckily Anna is a nurse and can change the dressing on her arm.  I like eating at the bagel place because I can get exactly what I want.  I am excited to show my friends the Fractured Prune. First you fill out a form telling them what kind of donut you want. (I kept the pen as a souvenir)

 Then you give it to the smiling girl at the counter:
 They drop the dough into the cooker.  They turn over automatically.
 All the toppings:

 Our donuts:
 This is how I feel about the donut.  Um-um  I got my favorite, cherry chocolate.
Then we go to the airport to get Julie.  It works out perfectly, we tell her which door we are at and she walks right out and gets in the car.
Okay.  We are all set and on our way to The Attic - again.  Look at all the samplers on the wall.

I find more treasures.  This is what I get:
I have the tin that these fit in.  They should be easy and quick to stitch.
I admired these thread minders from the Attic's newsletter.  The candle holder can be made into a pincushion.  I love all things Delft and this pin was beautiful.  It was my splurge.
 I really like the Garniture trims.  I think they might be good to use somewhere on my casket.  Of course, I needed some threads.
 This scissors holder caught my eye.
 I thought this was a sweet design.
I really did try to control myself.  I know I will probably have the opportunity to buy some stuff at the retreat.
Well, by the time we got done at The Attic, it was past lunch time.  We found a cool little restaurant around the corner from The Attic.  BFF#2 tries to be vegan and this really filled the bill.
Anna and I share a pizza.  It was good.  The crust was sort of like an oatmeal cookie with asparagus and mushrooms (raw) on it.  I'm not used to eating so healthy.  The pizza was filling but not heavy.
They also had frozen hot chocolate made with weird stuff.  It was delicious!  
Now it was time to take Julie to check in at the resort and to relax and have a drink at the bar.
Fun day!


  1. What a *delightful* day! And I think you did remarkably well at restraining yourself at the Attic (really not sure how you managed that). ;)

  2. The Fractured Prune looks like a great place.
    The donuts look delicious. :)
    Nice projects that you picked out.