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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Field Trip

What fun it is to have a friend in town that loves the same stuff I do!  BFF#2 is recovering well from her severely fractured elbow.  We decided to go on a field trip to Stitching Bits and Bobs. I picked up BFF#2 at her mom's house.  Look at that fish!  Her mom caught it.
 I love this old clock.
 Wonderful flowers and hanging baskets.

 DH would love to be able to just go pick greens from the garden.
 The hydrangeas are unbelievable this year.

 We drove up to the Stitching Bits and Bobs.  It has expanded since the last time I was there.

 They have a ton of different threads.

This is what I got:
 Mary Corbet got me into trouble again.  I read her review of the DMC Coloris threads and decided to get them.  I was hoping to find the pattern books using these threads but they were not in stock.
Then we went to a few quilt stores because it was the start of Row by Row.  I got a few pieces of fabric.  I love the hearts fabric.
 Then at another store I found this great map fabric.  I am thinking of doing a pillow for Evan.
Then we had to try out a new restaurant.  BFF#2 ordered the Pub Fires (and the spinach salad).  Oh are they sinful.  They are fries that are covered with cheese and bacon and served with ranch dressing.  They were so good.
We had a great fun day.  Not much stitching got done but that's okay.


  1. It is always nice to have a treat day with a friend. Love the threads and fabrics

  2. Sometimes it's good to take a day off from stitching to have even more fun!
    Glad you had a great time.
    I hope BFF#2 is recovering well.