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Monday, June 6, 2016

Forget Me Nots

I feel like I have stitched this row on Mistress L about three times.

 With all that I have had to take out and put in again, I think I have stitched it several times.  But hey, it's done!

Now I have started the row of Montenegrin stitch below it.  Then there are words.  The words are a verse from Shakespeare.  Some of the letters are hard to read so I may change them here and there.  Getting to the verse is a milestone.  Yeah!
The bathrooms are clean and I should start packing.  It is a glorious day outside.  Sunny and balmy.

I decided what to do about the For Good Measure tag.

 I have some black interfacing and I'm going to put that on the back.  I'll see if it needs anything else once I get that done.

I put a few stitches into the Flemish Ornament to see how it was going to go.

I like this set up much better.  I just couldn't stitch through the layer of glue.  I have much more control now.

Now, what to take for show and tell in Phoenix?

1 comment:

  1. Looking great.
    I'm glad you found an easier way to do the ornament.