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Friday, June 17, 2016

The Accidental Trip Day Four

How can it be the last day of class already?  I go walking early but make sure to only go where I know my way back to the resort.  It is really beautiful here.  I see why people like to live here.  So much sunshine and warmth.

The breakfast buffet is good, who can resist those little waffles?
I really want to get those eight panels for the parasol done today and hopefully start putting them together.  I see Julie has started the house.  Oh, I'd like to do that.  But I love the scissors holder designed like Anna's apron.  So pretty.

 It is so fun to go and stitch with friends.  I work hard trying to get my panels done.  Wait, there is a problem.  I can only find seven panels.  Where is my other panel?  I look all over the table and the floor, my bag.  I can't find it anywhere.   I tell BFF#2 that I am missing a panel and there is an explosion of laughter.  They have been waiting for me to notice one was missing!  Yes, BFF#2 had it all the time.  Phew, I'm glad I don't have to stitch it all over again.
Then there is another problem.  I lined the panels with the wrong side of the silk dupioni showing.  ARGH.  Oh well, I'm not changing it.

We have all of the instructions to cover today.  So we go over all of them and ask questions.  I hope I remember all this stuff when I get home.  Some of the stitches sound challenging.  I hope I can make the roses look good.
Lunch is great, I have some cod.  Then back to work.  There are petit fours for afternoon snack that are fabulous.

I am realizing that Rae is a very thorough and good designer.  Each step is thought out and illustrated.  The project is well built and I am learning things along the way.  I will be proud of this parasol when it is done.
Dinner at the resort is very good again.  If we could just eat before my bedtime, I would be happy.  I have the halibut today and it is very good.

Dessert is quite interesting.  It is three little things,  A pot of caramel, flourless chocolate cake and buttermilk ice cream.  I have had other odd flavored ice creams that have been surprisingly good.  But this buttermilk ice cream is just awful.  I could lick the caramel pot clean however.  BTW, even putting caramel on the ice cream didn't help it any.  The dessert was garnished with cashew brittle that was to die for.
Again, I am treated to the sound of a movie as I go off to sleep.  I'm sad that class is over but tomorrow we go to Rae's.  That will be fun.


  1. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness - I just browsed the Attic's latest newsletter and there was *your* Quaker Sewing Bag! And *your* Queen's Crown! And other things! How supremely exciting! :)

    That little apron design scissors keep is so sweet. Am looking forward to seeing your completed parasol - am sure it will be gorgeous.

    Happy for you that the retreat has been so enjoyable. I'm with you on the desserts - buttermilk ice cream sounds terrible.

  2. Those sound like great projects.
    Can't wait to see your Parasol.