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Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Accidental Trip Day Five

Classes are over and we are invited out to Rae's today.  First we have to take friends to the airport.  The drive to the airport is so easy on a Sunday morning when there is no traffic.  We drop off our friends and go to breakfast at the bagel place.  I'm the driver now.  As we are eating breakfast the news is on about the shootings in Orlando.  It is terrible.
We go back to our room and relax.  We thought about going to the musical instrument museum but we decide to just do stuff in the room.  I work on my parasol.  I get a call from Son#2 and get a chance to talk to Claire for a few minutes.  She is such a joy and I will see her in two weeks.
We drive out to Rae's.  It is an hour drive with a couple of detours for construction.  Man, the Phoenix area is a big place with so many suburbs.  We have good directions and make it despite my driving.
Quite a few of the retreat people are here.  It is fun to see all the things at Rae's.  We love this rooster.

She has all her models in a case.
I love this pottery.
The men are cooking chicken on the grill.  I think the dog is helping too.

Rae is into quilts too.  BFF#2 and I see a darling quilt that we both have the pattern to make it.  Isn't this bag nicely done?

It is fun to talk to friends and make new friends.

Mary shows us how to stand up as taught in her Yoga class for the old and infirm (not really the name of the class, but close).  Rae has a dog.  This is challenging for me as I'm afraid of dogs but I know her dog is harmless and will not hurt me. She does slobber a bit on me though.
Rae makes dinner for all of us.  I think it is too much work for her especially considering that she lead the retreat for two days.  It is a very nice spread.

I ate a ton of cheese and crackers.
We stayed longer than we meant to.  It is fun and we both hope to be here again next year.
Back to the resort for one more night.
It is now or never.  I brought my swimsuit that I haven't worn in a couple of decades.  I put it on. luckily the elastic has not turned to powder.  I actually go into the pool.

 I can't swim but I do dog paddle a bit.  BFF#2 was going to go swimming too but that was before she broke her elbow.
There is no movie tonight to go to sleep to.  It is nice and quiet.  Home tomorrow.

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  1. How generous of Rae to have everyone to her house and make a meal for all.
    Everything is beautiful.