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Monday, June 8, 2015

Works in Progress

The ASG retreat is over now so everything gets back to normal, right?  Well, not really.  I go on Thursday to Indianapolis for two classes with Catherine Theron.  I've never had a class with her so I'm looking forward to them.  I also get to meet with a very creative friend.  And another friend is going to these classes with me.  Fun!  I think there will be several people that I know from other classes there.  That makes this a party.

While I have been home this week, I have been mostly finishing things up.   I finished the stitching on the Barbara Jackson ornament, Christmas is Coming, and I finished it off into a little bag.

When I got back from Arizona I worked on finishing off the edging on Friesland.  Mainly so I could move the chair back to in front of my sewing machine.  The edging isn't perfect.  The point where you start and end has just a bit of a booble in it.

  There is no way to do it over and it isn't that bad.  I sewed the needlebook top on.  I never did get the Antwerp stitch down.  I tried it several different ways with different threads.  Finally, I settled on just doing a buttonhole stitch.

I'm happy with it,  I tried not to do it too tightly so the lid will sit flat and not pop up.  So here it is so far:

Next job is to fingerloop the drawstrings.  Four of them.  I really am getting close to the end now.

I have another finish to show you tomorrow.


  1. Wow such cute finishes..I love both of them.
    Big hugs xx

  2. Cute little bag.
    Friesland is an interesting piece.

  3. Pretty little bag! Friesland is Gorgeous! Congrats on your progress.
    love Annette