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Sunday, June 21, 2015

So Close

I got both the drawstring balls done and attached.  Yeah!

That means the main piece is done and all that is left are the threadwinders.

That is my goal for today, eight threadwinders.  Then I will do a happy dance.

I want to finish the front of Williamsburg Remembered today.  I only have seven more numbers to do.

  I did some "reverse stitching" as I was off one thread (ARGH) on the bottom.  Now it is fixed.  There is another error but I'm not telling where it is.  I'm pretending it is not there.

Today it was 70 degrees when I went walking.  That's the warmest it's been all year.  How appropriate that it is the first day of summer.

I have something else I want to do today.  I want to make a box out of some leathery looking paper that I have.  We'll see tomorrow if I get it done.


  1. Amy, you are "cooking with gas" on Williamsburg!

  2. Almost done!
    And I bet you already finished Williamsburg.