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Monday, June 22, 2015

Eight Threadwinders

I got the threadwinders done for Friesland so I am totally finished!  Happy dance!

I am so close to having the front of Williamsburg Remembered done as well.  I only have a few stitches left to do.

I have to think about packing and getting ready for Cincinnati.  I am taking three classes and seeing some friends.
We are meeting old friends tonight.  It will be fun to catch up and to eat out.  Strong storms are almost here.  I sure hope we don't lose our electricity.
I did make the box yesterday but I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.


  1. Amy--can you bring to Cincinnati to share?

  2. how do the threadwinders work? do they not fall apart. They are very cute and clever.

  3. Closer to the finish line!
    I've loved this piece from the start.
    Have fun at your classes.
    Our power was out here in WI for 10 hours yesterday. :(