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Monday, June 29, 2015

Cincy Trip Day One

It was a rainy morning last Thursday.  So no walking.  My BFF#2 and I started out but didn't get very far.  We stopped down the street for coffee.  Then I realized that I had forgotten my camera so back to my house to get it.  I'm so glad I got it so I can show you all about our adventure.   BFF#2 had programmed directions to several quilt shops along the way.  So we were off to our first quilt shop, Trevathan's Sweep & Sew in Hillsdale.   It started raining hard. 

It was fun looking at the fabrics and getting the free pattern when we got to Trevathan's.  I  got a couple of fat quarters (one is a small William Morris print) to use in finishing and the free row by row pattern.  

So then we were on our way to Fort Wayne.  We stopped at another quilt shop but it was a bust.  The row by row pattern used an embroidery machine.  So forget that.  Then we stopped for lunch at Panera.  Why do I always buy too much there?  I can't resist that bakery item for 99 cents.  I got a pecan roll but saved it because I was too full.  So then we are on to a stitching shop in Fort Wayne.  It was sort of weird when we walked in as it seemed no one was there.  But there was a man doing framing in another room.

It was fun to look around.  They didn't have the particular pattern I was looking for, so I behaved myself.

Then we are off again, aiming the car toward Cincinnati.  I see the a couple of signs with Limberlost in the title.  Is this where the novel A Girl of the Limberlost was set?  BFF#2 asks if I want to turn around and check this museum out.  Yes!  That book was one of my favorites as a teenager even though it was written in 1909.  There is a Gene Stratton Porter museum but it is closed.  I get out and look at a couple of the buildings.  

This is a cool place.  We would like to come back this way and see the museum.  Maybe on the way home.
 This was Gene Stratton Porter's home.  I think there is a lake nearby.
 Groups can rent out this building that is in back of the house.

So off we go again.  It is getting late so we don't stop at any more shops as they are probably closed.  Maybe on our way home.
We find our hotel.  Next door is a Cracker Barrel.  That was an easy choice for dinner.  It was late by then and not at all busy.  They let me order off the kid's menu.  It was great to get to Cincinnati.  Tomorrow I'm taking the Ophelia class.  Can't wait!


  1. Looks like you stopped at some interesting places already.
    Have fun at your class!!

  2. Fun first day you had. It even looks like the sun came out later in the day for you. By the way I have you to thank for letting us know of Row by Row!
    I mentioned you in my last post:) love Annette

  3. I live in Indiana - I have got to get over to that Ft Wayne Shop! Looks like your trip was fun!!