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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Something Different

As Monty Python would say, and now for something entirely different.  A while back I saw the neatest thing on Janet's blog.  It was a handmade book of boxes.  It looked so interesting.  I wanted to make one too. So I ordered the books on how to make it.

 Then nothing.  I never got around to making it.  When I was visiting Janet in Indianapolis a couple weeks ago, I got to see her book in person.  She keeps it in her casket.  I was reminded that I always wanted to make it.  When I got home I looked for the books and found them.
So I scrounged around for some special paper to make it with.  Or rather, to just try out the first step.  I had some leathery paper that I tried it out with first.

 Like Goldilocks, that paper was too heavy.  So then I got some rice paper, but it was too light.

I want a paper that you can draw on with pen and ink or watercolor.  What is recommended is cartridge paper.  I guess that means copy paper or computer paper.  But it has to be slightly larger than 81/2 by 11.  So at this point, I haven't found the perfect paper.  I want some handmade paper.  But the box is easy to make.  Then as I was walking this morning I thought about making it out of linen.  Could you cross stitch linen and make this?  I thought of all the unfinished stitching I have in a drawer.  Could I take a piece of stitching and make it into a box?  It could happen.

I happen to run across a tutorial about lining an Altoid's tin with paper.  The tutorial used Mod Podge.  I have some of that.  I also have a limited edition kit that I stitched that goes on a tin.

 So I tried using the Mod Podge to apply the paper to the inside of the tin.

 It worked beautifully.  I also thought, hey, why not try to attach the stitching to the top of the tin in the same way.  So I did.

 There is still some twisted cording that goes around the edge of the top to hide the wonky edge.

It's a lovely day for doing something fun.


  1. hey, I have that kit. I think I am going to be a copy cat except I have to stitch mine first and get all the supplies. heheheYou are almost dangerous because you plant all these wonderful ideas in my head. No offense please.

    Barbara in OKC

  2. Interesting books.
    The Altoid turned out great.