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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Pinch Me

I can hardly believe that I am almost done with Friesland.  I worked on the bobbles that join two drawstrings yesterday and I got them done.

So the next step was to weave them in and out of the eyelets of the main piece.  Check, I did that.
It is starting to look like a bag.

 That's when I could see that there isn't much left to do.  Just the balls at the end of the drawstrings.  I have one almost done.

 It is scary to work on as you are taking twelve very small pieces of linen and whip stitching them together to make a one inch ball.  You have to be very careful.  Once the balls are attached to the drawstrings the only thing left to do is make the actual threadwinders.  I wonder how long I have been working on this?  Maybe three or four months?  I see light at the end of the tunnel.

I got the alphabet all done on Williamsburg Remembered.  I started the next row.

 I'd like to finish the row and get started on the last row of the front.  We'll see if I get that far.

I've been to the Farmer's Market this morning.  I was hoping the candy place would have chocolate covered orange peel.  No, they didn't.  So to soothe my disappointment I had to get something else.  A peanut cluster.  A turtle.  Some caramels.  Maybe I'll give the caramels to DH.  We'll call it a Father's Day present.


  1. Still loving Friesland. :)
    Great progress on Williamsburg remembered.

  2. HI I have been following your blog I truly did not know what a "Friesland" was. I have been watching with interest as you made great progress. Now that I am seeing the almost completed project I surely am in absolute AWE. I have not seen anything like this and I look at a LOT of needlework blogs and websites. It is amazing and beautiful. What a LOT of detailed work. Exquisite....congratulations! Amities, Averyclaire

  3. Like avery above, I had never seen 'Friesland' before and am amazed at the how the final project is going to look and at all the work you have done on it. Amazing accomplishment! Thank you for sharing your progess on this - I have now discovered a new designer!

  4. Beautiful work as always Amy!
    I managed to make the first of the braids for the pomegranate - you will be proud of me!!