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Saturday, June 6, 2015

(Last) Sunday

It is now Sunday.  I walk down to Lox, Stock and Bagels for breakfast as the hotel is a little pricey.  They have a Sunday buffet for 49.95.  Eek.  Rebecca, Mary and I are meeting at 10 to go to The Museum of the West.  Rebecca has a Prius and it is fun to see how the instrument panel works and what buttons run the car.  There isn't a key.  You just push a couple of buttons.

It is interesting to see what downtown Scottsdale looks like.  There are lots of little shops and tons of art galleries.  Not much is open this early on a Sunday.  We find the museum but it isn't open yet.  So we drive around a bit and look for something interesting.  I see this shop called "Sewing Nuts".  It is open so we walk down there.  There are two ladies sorting buttons.  This is an unusual shop.   There is some fabric and used sewing machines.  We look around a bit.
The museum opens at eleven.  It is a new museum that has been open for less than 6 months.  It has an exhibit about the Lewis and Clark exploration.  The items in the exhibit are on loan from someone in Boston.  There are many paintings and many amazing sculptures.

We take the tour and it is very informative.  It makes me want to know more.  I get my photo taken with this horse painting.

This is an optical illusion.  I am just holding my hand up in the air.  I'm about 3 feet in front of this flat painting.  The horse's head is actually painted on the floor.  Then I get my photo taken with this buffalo.

Now we are hungry.  So we stop to get something to eat at this bar in downtown Scottsdale before driving out to Rae's.
Rebecca has GPS on her car so we make it to Rae's just fine.  It is very winding in her subdivision.  You could get lost there forever.  I'd have to put a red ribbon on the mailbox to be able to find my house if I lived there.  Rae's house is very nice.  I love seeing the things she has on the walls.  She has a curio with her designs in it.  It is great to see them in person.  She also has some kits and linen for sale.
This is a roll that includes about 18 different pieces of nice linen.  Be still my heart.
  It is fun to see and talk to other stitchers. There is a large dog but he is friendly and doesn't hurt me.  Rae makes dinner for all of us.  (What a lot of work - and it is her birthday!)  We have the most delicious ham.  I am a party pooper.  I need to get back to the hotel as my plane leaves at 6 a.m.  Luckily Rebecca wants to go back too.  When I get back to the hotel, I start to worry.  Where will I get gas for my rental car?  I google it.  But what if it isn't open at 4 a.m. when I have to go to the airport?  I decide to go get gas tonight.  There is a Shell station close by at the strip mall.  I'll sleep better knowing the gas thing is taken care of.  How can the retreat be over already?  I am missing my sewing room and will be glad to get back to normal.  A


  1. Interesting sculptures.
    What a cute pic!

  2. Great coverage of your retreat and visit to Arizona. It's been fun to follow!

  3. Darling photo of you! Great art work. love Annette