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Friday, May 7, 2021

Fish on Friday

 I got the fish done on Hampton Court!

you can't see it very well but the fish has a fresh water pearl for an eye. Next is the sun. Making progress.

I've been trying to organize my threads. It is a disaster. I wanted to get them off the floor. But I have them in about six different places. I'm consolidating and sorting. What a mess!


  1. You fish looks great! What an amazing piece!

  2. The fish is gorgeous!

  3. I did not realize the fish would be dimensional. It's just glorious!

  4. Several skeins/spools can fit into a single bag. There is a hole punched in the corner of each bag so you can place all the bags of fibers needed for a project, on to a ring. You can organize all of your fibers onto rings and place those into a big bag or box "Weeks" or "Au Ver a Soie" and easily find the type of fiber you are looking for... -BFF

  5. Sorry -- looks like top of message got cut off. I started out by saying: Your work is amazing, Amy! Then I said: I like the Floss bag system. You can fit full or a partial skein/spool with the stray fibers in a single bag.