Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Out Of Print

 I found an out of print chart that is scarce as hen's teeth. I was watching FlossTube and saw that Stitching in Sequins had acquired  things belonging to a stitcher who had passed away. One of the things she got was an out of print chart, Sarah Elliot.  I had admired this project for a long time.  I took a class from the designer of this project at Celebrations of Needlework some years ago. She was a bit quirky. I thought the chart had already been sold. I went looking on the internet for it. Nope, I found nothing. So then I went to Stitching in Sequins store, 1884 Stitchery. It was still for sale. I couldn't believe it! I grab it! I just got it in the mail a couple days ago. 

I love the box top. The box is no longer available. I want to stitch it but I'm not sure I want to stitch the words. It says "The man doomed to sail with the blast of the gale, through billows atlantic to steer, As he bends oer the waves, which may soon be his grave, Remembers his home with a tear".




  1. It's a beautiful project. Score!
    I wish they still designed.

  2. It is hard to find out of print designs, you are so lucky to have scored this design.
    I am looking forward to seeing it stitched up.