Friday, September 17, 2021


 I decided to go through a box by my stitching chair. I haven't gone through it for about six months and I wanted to see what was buried in there. I was looking for a piece of fabric that was for a couple of club charts that came in the mail. I didn't find it. I hate when I can't find stuff. I was also looking for a possible new start. I signed up for some classes last year but they were cancelled. So I wrote the designer and asked if I could buy the class kits. She said yes! I received those kits and want to start one. I've hooped up the pattern.

The directions say to put a piece of plastic over the design and cut a hole in the plastic so you can stitch and keep the rest of the design clean. Why am I afraid to start? If I were in class, I would start, no problem. 

I also pre-ordered a book from Inspirations. 12 designers were asked to design a pin cushion. Their designs are being put in a book. It will be available in October. This says volume 1, maybe there will be more volumes. The Inspirations Studios site shows the 12 pin cushion designs. 

After being lazy this week, I walked today. I was not happy with my brownies. It was a brownie mix but I used canola oil in it.  I can taste that oil and it is yucky.  Now I want to try my own homemade recipe. It calls for butter instead of oil. 


  1. That looks like a pretty new project.
    What a great book ides.

  2. A: I never use oil, either butter or apple sauce in my baking, I had the same experience as you with canola oil, nasty tasting.
    Nice new design, can you share the designer and if possible her web site.
    I walk one dog at 04:00 and the other at 04:30, I love seeing shooting stars and its so peaceful.

    Have a lovely day.

  3. I ordered that book, too, Amy! The designs are marvelous. I especially love the pincushion designed by your friend, Victoria Laine.
    Good luck with your brownies--best to go with what ya know!