Saturday, July 31, 2021

The Queen is Done

 I got the thread I needed to finish Amy Mitten's Queen. I only had her hands and a few other stitches to do. 

Now I have measured to see how much the blackwork I need to stitch on each side to fit the top of the casket. I need essentially 45 stitches (over two on 36 count linen) on each side of the queen.

These are my blackwork resources.

But I have two more books on the way. 

I ordered an out of print book by Jane Zimmerman. I read about Jane Zimmerman on Gay Ann Rogers's blog when Jane died recently. I found a sampler she did that has just what I want.

The band I want is the black and gold one that is next to the last band. I hope it is about the right size. Actually I hope the pattern for this sampler is in the book I ordered. Fingers crossed!