Friday, September 27, 2013


I see some unstitching in my future.  I was working on the backstitch of the mirror frame for Mermaid's Treasures when I noticed that the sides did not match up.  One is 19 threads from the center basting line the other is 16 threads.  ARGH.  I'll wager a guess that one is wrong.  Let's hope they both aren't wrong!

So I went back to the chart and the 19 threads away from the center is correct.  So at least I know which side to look for the error of my ways.

I did a little playing with the motif that appears twice on each end of the UnPlayed Piano.  I wanted it to look like a stain glass window.  I used some colors of Hand-Dyed Fibers that were handy on my sewing table.  I looked at stain glass windows on Pinterest to get more ideas.  Then I set about trying some things out.  I didn't like the specialty stitches that were called for.  They were more work than they were worth.  You could hardly see them.

I am weaving threads in the fill in areas.  I learned this technique when I did Mute But Not Silent by Amy Mitten.  I like how it is turning out.  I think I want to make each one (of the four) a little different.

I went shopping this morning.  So I have lots of steps but no stitching done.  Time to fix that.

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