Monday, September 23, 2013

Eleven Deer and a Circus Train

I went walking at our nearby park this morning.  I saw eleven deer.  Some may have been counted twice as I walk down to a street and turn around and walk back for a bit.  The park is bordered by train tracks.  Usually, I don't see a train.  But this morning a big train came along.  It was the Ringling Bros. Circus train.  I wonder where it was going.  It was headed to Indiana.  I like to catch up on news as I walk and I usually listen to NPR.  Once in while I get sick of hearing about politics and switch to music.

I worked on the shell of Mermaid's Treasures until I couldn't stand it anymore.

Then I peeked ahead to see what we do in lesson six.  It is backstitching the mirror frame.  So I got out the piece of basted fabric for it and threaded up the needle to start it.  I messed it up and had to take it out four times.  Good grief.  It is a good thing there are basting stitches to help you know whether you did it right or not.  Right now I have found another error (where the pin is) and have to back track a bit to fix it.

I am almost done with the tiny alphabet sampler for Ebony and Ivory.  It is a good thing to pick up when I am about to go nuts from shell hell.

I need to kit up a couple of things to take on my trip to Virginia Beach.
The bathrooms are clean, time to stitch.

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  1. It looks like the shell is done.
    Great job sticking with it.