Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday, September

How can it be September?  How can it be Friday again?  Times flies even if you're paying attention.

I got all the mermaid on the "easy" side of the shell done.  I started the rows of bars for the woven backstitch  circle around her.  But now I need to go back and fill in the stitches in the border.

I finished off Romina's Box.  All done!  Yeah!

I also sewed the trick or treat bag for Claire.  It turned out cute.  I wish the sides had more oomph (stiffness) to them.  Essentially, I used a paper bag the size that I wanted for a pattern.  The stitched design is really a pocket.  You could put your Glo-stick in there, I guess.

It is another beautiful day.  This week has been perfect.


  1. The mermaid may be taking time but she looks great. I do like the box too and I am sure Claire will love the Trick N Treat bag.

  2. You've made great progress on the Mermaid, it looks like the hardest parts are over.
    Love the box! That turned out sooooooooooo pretty.
    Claire is going to love her Trick or Treat bog, that's for sure.