Monday, January 16, 2012

Google Chatting

I had the most amazing conversation yesterday. Using Google Chat, we talked to son#2 and DIL as they were holding Claire. Talking face to face is like almost being there in the same room with them even though they are thousands of miles away. We quick ordered a webcam to put on our real computer (as opposed to the Chromebook) so we can talk there too. Are we tech savvy or what? Claire is filling out and growing so much in just a week.
I finished the door scissors pocket to Winter's Cottage and cut it out. I am working on finishing the inside of Winter's Cottage so I can attach the pocket to it. I officially hate doing nun stitch over nun stitch. ARGH. There just has to be a better way! I know it will be cute when it is done but it isn't much fun.
I sewed fabric on all sides of "Claire". It looks good but I am trying to decide how to finish the back. My sister suggested a plain fabric (pink?) and I may have to go with that as I don't have enough of the front fabric to do the back. I think I will put a contrasting cording around the edge.
I go see Dylan today. I have to break it to him that I will be gone for a Monday in February. We have finished 10 practice readers and are ready to start a new set today.
I have to get back to bathroom cleaning.

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