Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Good Hair Day

I just got back from my haircut. There is only one person I have found that cuts my hair the way I want and let's hope she never retires. I usually say that I want a "shoulder length blunt cut bob". I learned that from InStyle Magazine's recommendations for very fine hair. She cut it like I asked. Great. Now I am ready to go to California.
Monday's are days I don't get much stitching done. I was delighted to start on Vierlande Winder Keeper. It is going great. My brain is slightly addled still. I don't know if it is aftereffects of the medication reaction or dehydration but I have to be very careful and go slowly to avoid errors. I made a few but I fixed them, no big deal. I am liking it!
The weather is crazy warm today. This is usually the coldest time of year. But there is no ice fishing this year. It feels like spring.
It is a great day!

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  1. Great new start Amy. I love the colour - it looks a little like a dark blue? It's warm and sunny here too. Have a good day.