Sunday, January 22, 2012


I had a great mail day yesterday. My Drawn Thread order arrived! As soon as it arrived I started B My Valentine. It is so pretty. I had admired Giovanna's Toccata 3 (I think) with all the cute squares. This is like that. Many 13 stitches a side squares. So easy to do just one. But it is addictive. Just one more square... I finished 10. Each one was a challenge and fun. It was so different than working on Winter's Cottage. I so enjoyed the great design. How many ways can hearts be used? Cynthia is a great needlework designer. I'm not quite half done. I think this would be a good design to frame and hang on the wall. Maybe in my bathroom.
I am up to page 50 in Death Comes to Pemberley. I didn't want to stop stitching, but finally I did.
I stitched a little before the mail came on Winter's Cottage. I tried out the corner stitches. Eyelets didn't work out. So I did round Rhodes stitches like are on the roof. I like how it looks. Unfortunately, some of the sparkly stitches were one thread off which threw a monkey wrench into everything. Not fun. So I have a little frogging to do.
I signed up for another class. I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I debated about it over a month and missed the deadline to sign up. But when I asked if it was too late, our registrar said I had one week to get my money in. It is through Kindred Spirits Sampler Guild. Amy Mitten is coming to teach a couple of classes in May. One is on 40 count, so that was out. But the other one I liked better and is on 32 count linen and it has a windmill on it. Mute But Not Silent. I must be crazy to take on another project.
I'm looking forward to a video chat with Claire tonight. She's twice as old as she was last week.

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