Saturday, August 26, 2017

Mystery Project

It's Saturday and I've got the walking done and have been to the Farmer's Market.  It was so cool yesterday and today that I've worn long pants, in August.  I've been a bit envious of those attending the Needlework Galleria in St. Charles this week.  Classes, shopping, being with other stitchers and friends,  meeting designers, wish I was there.  But socializing usually means not much stitching so I am grateful for lots of stitching time.

There is one project that I haven't updated you on since June.  That is the mystery project.  One of the reasons I wanted to take July off was to work on this project as much as I wanted.  I found that after a couple of hours, I needed to take a break and work on something different and smaller.  I got a couple more pages of the chart done.  But for each page there is about a week of confetti hell connected to it.
Here it is in June:

Here it is now:

I'm still enjoying it but I know I have to work on other things and give myself a break.
Basting is essential on a big project like this so you don't get lost.
Cathy Boyd gave me some of the Sulky holoshimmer thread for basting and I love it.  You can't pierce it with a needle and it pulls out easily when you're done with it.
I think I might get something fun in the mail today!

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