Thursday, August 31, 2017

Gifts of Stitchy Kindness

I was envious when I read of stitchers' adventures at St. Charles' Needlework Galleria.  But then my BFF#2  brought me back goodies!  I am so tickled to have some nifty stuff from Needlework Galleria.  It was fun to hear about the fun and classes that BFF#2 had and to see the stuff she bought.  But I was blown away by the stuff she brought back for me.  She knows I collect waxers and she brought me back two very cute ones.
A mermaid:
A fish:
Isn't that a great fish?

I got a couple of very cute kits.  You know I love strawberries.
Then I got these two from Noteworthy Needle.  I'm not terribly familiar with her designs but BFF#2 says she is a great teacher.

I just love this little thimble chest.  I started it and hope to finish it today.
Thank you BFF#2!  You are the best!

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  1. Those waxers are so cool.
    Great stash from your friend.
    That little chest is so cute.