Monday, August 21, 2017

Corner Gauge

Thank you to those who have so very kindly offered assistance in finding the tray that fits the Berry Coverlet Scissors Tray.  Marilyn bought me one!  Thank you so much.  I'll show it when I get it all put together.

I sewed the little corner gauge bag together.  It was easy.  The lining material has starfish on it.  Perfect.

 It is all done but really needs to be ironed.  I didn't get around to that this morning.  But I did get the bathrooms all cleaned.  I sent off the dresses to Claire.  I went to Target and bought everything I wanted.
Hey, what if you are driving during the eclipse?  Will you go blind?


  1. LOL! Great job on the pouch. Perfect fabric.

  2. This is such a cute set.
    Love the verse on the corner gauge.

  3. I really like your coverlet finish -- the design and the colors. Hope you had a good outing with your friend!