Wednesday, August 30, 2017


I stitched up the little pin cushion for the squirrel.  It turned out so cute.

I used Stitcher's tape to hold in place.  Love it.

Then I took off the loops on the tray that Marilyn sent me.  Everybody said don't paint it, so I didn't.
I used Stitcher's tape to hold this in the tray too.
I finally made the two strawberries.  I like how this turned out too.
I'm making my favorite cake today, angel food with a fudgy icing.  Yum.
It was a nice day for walking.


  1. So cute! Would show the Stitchers tape you used please. I am looking for a good one to finish with.

  2. Too darn cute!
    Your Strawberries turned out perfect, so pretty.
    Angel Food is my fav also.
    Mom always made the one with the colored sprinkles in it for my B-Day.