Monday, August 7, 2017


Later in July DH and I flew to Minneapolis to visit DS#1 and DIL.  DH was going to hlep DS#1 with some improvements to his house.  Of course I wanted to go because the best needlework store in the whole wide world is Stitchville USA.  We had a great trip.  BFF lives in the area and while DS#1 and DH were slaving in the hot sun, she and I went to Stitchville.  Lucky me!  It was just heaven looking for all the stuff I had seen on the internet.  I got charts, fabric, threads, charms and scissors and other stuff too.  Hog heaven.

The state fish of Minnesota is walleye.  While we were there, I was in a hunt for walleye fingers.  I had them at Doolittle's last year and loved them.  This year we went to a fancy steakhouse, Porterhouse.  They were the best!  Loved them.  We also went back to Dolittle's.  This is what their walleye fingers look like.
DIL and I went to see a movie.  (We didn't want to see Dunkirk with the guys.)  We saw "The Big Sick" and it was very good.  I really enjoyed it.
BFF took me to some places I hadn't been before.  Mill Fleet Farms.  I bought as much candy as I could carry.  Really.  We went to a great gift shop and cafe where I had some berry stuffed French toast that was fabulous.  Thank you BFF!  Thank you DS#1 and DIL!


  1. I'm so bummed! Porterhouse is six blocks from my house. You should have stopped by! -Kim

  2. Looks like you had a fun Summer.
    Great stash!

  3. The walleye looks so good. I have heard others speak of Stitchville and it sounds wonderful.