Friday, August 25, 2017

Marilyn To The Rescue

I was surprised at how kind stitchers are when I bemoaned not finding the tray for the Berry Coverlet Tray.  Several people offered to help me out.  Marilyn said she would check out Hobby Lobby that very day.  She found two trays of different sizes.  I measured my stitching and said the smaller one would fit.  She sent it to me!
Here's the info if you are looking for this tray.  I was surprised at how inexpensive it was.

Now Marilyn is a long time reader of this blog and always comments.  I admit that I don't usually respond to comments because of the time commitment.  It is either respond or stitch and I always choose stitch.  I read all the comments as they are sent to my email.  Anyway, Marilyn knows me well.  She also included a package of Jelly Bellys!  Which, by the way, are all eaten.  You are the best Marilyn!

The directions say to cut foamboard to fit the bottom of the tray.  That is not easy to do without a foamboard cutter, which I do have.  But I didn't happen to have any foamboard on hand.  So I took two pieces of comic board and taped them together and put two pieces of Warm 'N Natural on top.  I laced the stitching over the padded comic board.  Ta-Dah!

If I put a magnet on the back of the stitching, I could just switch it out with another stitched design.
I plan to take a pair of needle-nosed pliers and pry off the loops with rope through them as I want this to be a tray and not hang on the wall.

I'm trying to decide whether to paint the tray or not.  Lazy me says "it looks fine, you don't need to paint it".  Responsible me says "just get a can of shiny black paint and make it look nice".  We'll see who wins.


  1. Don't paint it. It brings out the centre motif and looks rather prim I like it

  2. Your tray looks super. Stitchers are the best. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Don't paint the tray. It looks beautiful as is.

  4. Love that design and looks perfect in the tray. I agree with your readers, no paint.

  5. It looks great as it is.
    That's a great idea with the magnet.
    You are very welcome, always glad to help out a fellow stitcher. :)