Tuesday, December 27, 2016

What Did I Get?

First of all, I must admit that I am a lucky duck.  I got everything I wanted for Christmas.  That's because I ordered it!  Some things I saved from way last summer only getting to open them on Christmas.  One of those things was this set of Dovo scissors.

I also got a pair of Dovo hardanger scissors.

 They are lovely and sharp.  What's Christmas without a new pair of scissors, or four?

Then there was an Amy Mitten kit on my list that I think I can use parts of on one of my caskets.  I was very brave and ordered the kit and 40 count linen.  I was looking at it last night and a lot of it is done over two with tent stitch.  (I think).  I can do that.  It is called Final Soliloquy.

  This kit is so complicated that it is made up of four parts.  I really liked the queen's dress and the Elizabethan style.

 The linen is very stiff and I have to wash some of the sizing out of it today.

I got a great deal on an Ott lighted magnifier.  JoAnn's had a fantastic sale and I got one.

 I bought another brand of magnifier earlier this year and it broke almost immediately.  So frustrating.  The Ott one is a much better design.

I got a Linnea Calendar.  I get one every year.

And last but not least is an IPad Pro.
I spend two hours with tech support trying to get it set up but now it is good to go.  I need to clean the screen.
I need to get back to stitching!


  1. You ARE 1 lucky gal!!
    Enjoy all of your gifts, especially the iPad.

  2. That's about as good as Christmas can get! :)