Friday, December 23, 2016

Wafer Paper

I got the most interesting things in the mail yesterday.  I went to check the Post Office tracking number to find that the package was at my front door.  I saw this first in the latest Attic Newsletter.  It was on the last page, I think.  It was a picture of cookies with a red design on them.  Jean gave a link to Fancy Flours.  I looked up wafer paper on that site.  Cool.  You can buy sheets of edible wafer paper made from potato starch.  Then these sheets are printed with edible ink with many different pictures.  These are the ones I got.

You cut the pictures out (very carefully) and apply them to the baked cookies.  I have in mind to make shortbread and put these pictures on top.  You can use corn syrup as glue.  I think this will be really fun to try.  There was a sheet included with directions on using the wafer paper.

I went through my photos yesterday looking for things that I finished in 2016.  I am making my Paper Pumpkin album for the year and using photos of things that I finished.  I want to count up and see. There are some tiny finishes and a couple of huge finishes (Mistress L!).  Maybe next week I'll do a year end round up as well as goals for 2017.  Looking back and looking forward.

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  1. The wafer paper looks interesting.
    Looking forward to your year-end-roundup. :)
    Merry Christmas!