Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This Isn't Your Grandma's Sewing Roll

I finished - almost-the Grandma's Garden Sewing Roll. Finishing take so much time. I had hoped to start on something else but didn't get to it yesterday. After getting interrupted it takes like an hour to get back into concentrating on what you were working on before getting interrupted. I could just put in the needle page that came with the kit but I was thinking of the Just Nan 20 Flowers that has the cutest needle page shaped like a flower. So I want to craft a needle page like that one out of purple wool and a button or two. I'm not sure I put the roll together exactly right as there is supposed to be a place on the inside that you can tuck the extra lining into. I don't think I did that part correctly. I need to put rubber bands around the closed roll to help it get used to bending the right way. I thought maybe a button should be on the outside to tie the ribbon around but I think the designer just meant for the ribbon to wrap around it and tie into a bow. The ends are very pretty.
I have eight of the sixteen flowers stitched down on the penny rug. I should get back to that and finish that off as well. That is a good project to do while watching TV.
I got hotel reservations for the Blue Ribbon Sewing Box. Now all I need is a rental car. I wish I didn't have to get one. But I know it will make everything easier and I won't have to worry about trying to get a ride.
Time to get stitching.

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