Thursday, May 19, 2011

On to Other Things

I ordered a couple of things online. When I was at Celebrations, I saw two sisters with these double clips. One end clipped to the table and one end held the chart with a gooseneck in between. I looked and asked and couldn't find the clip until yesterday. I found it on Amazon. Then I also saw at Celebrations a twisted cord maker that looked like it was easy to use and you don't need three people to do it. This was also on Amazon. So in a weak moment, I caved. I ordered them. I will use both of them a lot. It's worth it, it really is.
I made the little flower page from purple wool and it turned out very nicely. So now I can check off Grandma's Garden Sewing Roll as done/done. Yeah! Two out of three classes are now finished. Next up is Glastonbury Garden. I love the design. The beginning practice piece is now stitched and I am deciding how to put it together. This designer is in love with the nun stitch. I am not. I want to give this piece sides and a nice finished edge. We'll see how it all comes together.
I tried making "Knock You Naked Brownies" last night. But when I opened a can of evaporated milk, it was bad. I was really surprised as it wasn't out of date. So I just used milk. I like my brownie recipe better. We are having people over on the weekend so I ought to do a bit of cleaning. Cleaning cuts into my stitching time. Dang.