Monday, May 9, 2011

One Down

I worked on the penny rug and Grandma's Sewing Roll yesterday. I got lots done on the rug. It is starting to take shape. All but a brown center to the Black-eyed Susan is ironed on and I am starting to stitch around each shape. I have finished one flower and I have 15 more to go. I figure if I aim to do one a day, I can finish this puppy in two weeks or so. I don't have the Valdani pearl cotton it calls for so I am using some Valdani varigated floss as well as other stuff I have laying (lying?) around my sewing room.
I am happy with the Grandma's Sewing Roll so far. I was worried that using white linen was not the best choice but it looks okay. I also thought maybe specialty stitches were used just to make this more difficult. But I have to say, I like the effect.
The redo of the pantry is well underway. Our electricity went out for an hour yesterday. So DH decided to start taking everything out of the pantry. He then took out the shelves. I think he is wanting me to scrub down the walls so he can paint today. But I am busy with the bathrooms right now. I think it will look much better and cleaner when it is done. It is a good way to finally clean it out. Wish I had a cleaning lady.

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