Monday, October 24, 2016

United Nations Day

Today is United Nations Day.  It is also my birthday.  Many people have expressed kind thoughts for today.  Thank you!  Special thanks to Torrie who knows what I like!  By the way, I am letting the orange peel I made on Saturday dry out.  It is a bit soggy at the moment but that won't stop me!  Even without chocolate, it is very good.

Today is also a regular day.  I cleaned the bathrooms.  Stasi suggested someone else do it for me.  But alas, there isn't anyone around here willing to do it.  DH never thinks they need cleaning anyway.

I got the pin cushion and one side of a scissor fob stitched for the Pioneer Girl's Book Etui.  I cut out some of the pieces of comic board.  Putting this together will be a challenge.  But it will be so cool when it is done.

I found out who the designer is of that wonderful bird.  It is Jenny Adin-Christie.  My favorite!

 I also found out lots more about this bird.  He is a Wren.  His mouth is a thread cutter.  Under his wings is a needle page.  His body is made with a 3D printer. His beak and feet are bronze. Wow.  He has a stitched hillock he can stand on.  The hillock can be the top of a wooden box that can have a tape measure mechanism in it.  Be still my heart.  Not only all that, but I can order him!  I promptly did just that.  Then I had a stab of guilt.  I already have an unfinished Jenny kit.  It is the Owl and the Pussy Cat book cover.  So I took out the parts.  I was being held back by fear.  I was afraid of the eyelets on organdy.  That sounds so silly.  How can you be afraid of eyelets? So I dove right in and started them.  So far, so good.  I have a new goal, to finish the Owl and the Pussy Cat before the Wren arrives.  Just being able to order the Wren feels like a fantastic birthday present.

I am going to make an angel food cake and ice it with my favorite fudgey frosting.

 I''m a very lucky girl!


  1. Happy Birthday Amy! Have a great day.

  2. Happy birthday. Can you tell me where you ordered the wren from? I don't see it on Jenny Adin Christie's website.

  3. Happy birthday, Amy!

    Like Sara, I couldn't find the Wren. Where did you order it?

  4. Happy birthday!

    That wren is incredible - will enjoy watching you put it together.

  5. Happy belated B-Day Amy!!
    Mmmm, the orange peel looks good!
    The Wren will be fantastic, but also can't wait to see the Owl & the Pussycat.
    Oh, a girl of my own heart, my favorite cake too, since a was a little girl.
    Mom always made me the one with the colored sprinkles in it. :)
    And she put a glaze over it, so yummy.

  6. Where did you order the wren kit? I love it!