Saturday, October 22, 2016


DH got me flowers!  They are for my birthday that is soon.  How sweet!

I got the front of Pioneer Girl's Book Etui all stitched.

 Time to move on to the other pieces.  There are two box lids that will go on the inside.  Everything else in this project is smaller and should go faster than the cover.

Boo-hoo, there is no Farmer's Market today.  No cinnamon rolls.  The library's farmer's market is still going on so I'll go up there tomorrow.
Would you believe that I am ordering Christmas stuff now?  We start early.  We just get stuff for me and the grandkids, everybody else gets a gift card.
It was 40 degrees when I went walking this morning.  Brrrr.
I'm making candied orange peel.  Yum.

I checked when my Just Cross Stitch magazine expires, 2019.

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  1. The Etui will be so pretty.
    Pretty flowers also!