Friday, October 21, 2016

I Had a Thought

Two things happened close together this week.  I got an email that my Just Cross Stitch magazine was in the mail.  Then I saw that there was a new Inspirations magazine out.   I wondered, why can't Just Cross Stitch be like Inspirations?  I went on line and looked through the Just Cross Stitch magazine digitally.  Only one thing was vaguely interesting.  Most of the projects were too simple, a motif and graphed words.  Am I too picky?  I don't think I have ever made anything except a Christmas ornament from that magazine.
Then I bought the latest issue of Inspirations from Zinio.  I looked at it digitally too.  Wow, I loved three projects in the magazine and printed out those three.  Betsy Morgan's little pin cushions are so cute.

 Barbara Jackson had a little pocket that was sweet.

I loved the small pansy from Carolyn Pearce.

I stitched up one of the little pin cushions.

I got some covered buttons forms from the fabric store along with some velveteen.

 I finished the pin cushion and it is cute.

 I'd like to make several of the other ones too.  They work up very fast.

Why can't Just Cross Stitch be like Inspirations?  One reason is that the people who work on JCS do not stitch.  What?  How can you pick projects when you don't even love cross stitch?


  1. Thanks for the heads up about Betsy's sweet!!! And, yes, that was me working on the Pioneer Schoolgirl's Etui. You look to be moving right along on yours. I just need to put mine together as soon as my sewing room gets set up.

  2. The pin cushion is really cute! I just got my Just Cross Stitch- wasn't impressed with sny of it - from the bright red colors on the cover to the content!

  3. So I'm getting Just Cross Stitch now since Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly went belly up. Boo and boo. It was fairly easy to identify the couple of items in the previous two issues that had likely been intended as filler bits for SANQ. Wish they'd just offered to issue me a refund.

    Betsy Morgan pincushions? Must look into Inspirations immediately!

  4. I was at and EGA Indiana State Day a couple of weekends ago, and who was there and stitching on a Pat Mazu needlepoint design? The editor of Just Cross Stitch! I screwed up my courage and went over to speak to her because I have been extremely unhappy with what JCS has put in since before the demise of SANQ. She said that there will be things next year that will have "specialty Stitches" in them and not just Xs. I think she even said there would be a reproduction sampler. We'll see, but AFAIC, they've broken their promise to include SANQ content. One or two pages/issue just doesn't cut it. INspirations, on the other hand, has consistent put some interesting, challenging projects into each issue. For those who don't like the cost of a paper issue, I subscribe via Zinio. I can print out articles and download patterns. I believe it's about $35/year. It's worth it, in my book.

  5. I love Inspirations magazine.
    But I only buy it when I see something I like in it.
    I think JCS has changed a lot since Annie's took it over. I won't even go into my problem with my Subscription since they took it over.
    There really isn't much I like in it anymore.
    I have been a subscriber since it came out.
    I, like Deb, was really upset that I got my sub extended instead of a refund.
    I guess magazines don't refund anymore.
    I miss SANQ magazine. I liked reading the historical articles.
    Your pincushion turned out so cute.

  6. Totally agree about JCS. Love your pin cushion! It turned out great.