Sunday, July 6, 2014


It is another nice day (knock on wood).  I'm happy to say that I made progress yesterday.  I put purl pearl around the inside of the fish's tail on Hampton Court.  The next step is scary.  I have to cut away everything around the tail.  Wish me luck!

I am almost done stitching the Best of Friends Strawberry.  I want to finish-finish it today.  Don't look too closely as there are some stupid errors on this.  It is stitched on 36 count linen.

I made my shoe. It is a pin cushion.  There are several more items in this kit but I have to put it away for the moment as I have other things I need to work on.  Isn't it sweet?

My friend Maria mentioned using the ipad to stitch from.  Then I told her about my system.  It is a gooseneck with a clip at each end.  (ignore the mess)

I saw a lady using this when I went to Celebrations and I went on a mission to find one.  This works well for me and it is adjustable.
I missed seeing Claire last week when I was on the Midwest Summer Tour so can't wait to talk to her today.


  1. About cutting the fish tail from the fabric...don't know if this is already mentioned in the instructions but I get good results applying with a fine brush a thin layer of PVA glue (50% glue + 50% water) all around. Then cut after when dryed. This way no fray and all stays in place.

  2. Great progress on Hampton Court.
    Good luck with the cutting!
    The Strawberry is so pretty, and the shoe is just so darn cute!
    Great projects.

  3. Tell us where you got your gooseneck with the 2 clips to hold your pages - it looks fantastic - what is the brand name? THanks!