Friday, July 4, 2014

Odds and Ends

Today I am catching up on where I am stitching-wise and answering questions.
First of all, two people have asked where I'm going next.  I'm staying home for a while.  Two months from today I'm headed to Ocean City again.  When I came home after my first visit all I wanted to do was go back.  I'm signed up for a Jackie DuPlessis class, Fair Maiden's Work Bag at Salty Yarns.

 I  know at least three other people who are going.  I'm still hoping to talk my BFF into it.  This time I'll stay an extra day or two and see some of the area.  I dream of sitting on the porch of the Lankford Hotel and watching the ocean.  Last time I meant to walk down to the water and stick my feet in but I never got around to it.  This time I'll get there for sure.

I got the golden beetle kit in the mail from Australia.  It didn't take that long.  I was waiting to find out if it included the directions.  The answer is no, it does not.  You have to download Arlene's Crafts from itunes to an iphone or ipad.  Then you get the opportunity to buy the instructions for 8.99.  I've read through the directions and it looks fairly simple to build the beetle.  I'm going to wait on stitching this until I've done Amy Mitten's beetle.  I don't like the legs on this beetle and may alter them.  I want them more rigid.

I've started the fish tail on Hampton Court.  This is my favorite part of this design.  It is really hard to see my stitches when working on this.  I hope I'm doing it nicely.

Here is my stash from the Midwest Summer Tour.

I bought two of the extra toys for Betsy Morgan's Toy Box.  I can't wait to work on these.  Marilyn had the hobby horse nearly done in class.  She is amazing.

I saw this strawberry by Barbara Jackson on a website and wanted it.

So I went to her website, Tristan Brooks, and ordered it.  It's mostly worked over one.
Have a happy Fourth of July!

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  1. Have fun at your next class.
    All great projects.
    Love the Strawberry!