Monday, July 14, 2014

Face of the Sun

I worked on the face of the sun of Hampton Court.  I didn't do it according to the directions.  On all three pictures of the project the top of the sun's head is not shown.  I think he is bald on top as the outlines don't go all the way around.  But I wanted my sun to have the embellishments go all the way around so I changed it.  I may be sorry later but so far, so good.

There is one more thread, silk wrapped purl, that goes around the sun.
I took a photo of the half doll with what I have done so far.  I think they match up pretty well.
I decided I wanted to make the button box for the Toy Box.  I got a lot done on it.  I have yet to do the over-one sides.  I changed one of the border stitches to long arm cross stitch.  I think it looks good.
My walking is done and the bathrooms are clean.  It is starting to rain but I don't care.  It's great weather for stitching.


  1. The Sun looks too cool. lol
    The 1/2 doll will be so pretty when done.
    You are really cruising on the Toy Box.

  2. Wow, Hampton is GORGEOUS! I LOVE your sun